Secrets to Finding your Dream Outfit for your Wedding

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South Asian weddings are definately a big deal, whether or not you are a celebrity, this is your day to feel like one!  There are usually so many things to take care of before your big day including deciding if it is a destination wedding, local, guests to be invited, decor, food, colour themes, music, lighting,  makeup, bridal party and roles for family members but often one of the biggest decision is what the bride and groom will be wearing!  As it should be, this is the big day when all eyes are going to be on the new couple, you want to feel and look spectacular.

Tips to take with you when shopping:

  1. Choose it yourself

Make sure you ablsolutely love your outfit, don’t leave it to chance and try not to be influenced into buying something that doesnt speak to your inner goddes.  Take those whose opinions you trust and need to be there with you to pick the outfit.   It is suggested not to bring more that 2-4 people with you when choosing your outfits to avoid too many opinions and confusion.  In the end you need to feel your best when wearing these outfits so colour, heaviness, style and design all need to fit your personality.


  1. Types of Outfits

Traditionally there was a lehenga and sari, but now options are endless.  You can find gowns, dresses, lehenga saris, rajasthani, kashmiri, pakistani and punjabi inspired outfits.  If you are planning on a destination wedding there are options with traditional looks done in lighter fabrics or new designers are offering resort wear made with breathable water resistant fabrics perfect for tropical destinations.


  1. Colour

What is the perfect outfit colour and combinations?  There are just so many beautiful options that it is hard to go wrong!  What is important is to be sure that the colour compliment your skin tone, highlight your best features and don’t clash with your decor or setting.  New looks for the couples include differing shades of the same colour (light and dark blue), complimentary colours (lilac and saje), or you can even colour co-ordinate your entire wedding party which would look stunning for pictures.  There is always the traditional red, burgundy and pinks that always make a statement.  Try to minimize wearing your wedding and reception colour for any other wedding events.


  1. Where to buy

If you have decided to go for designer wear, celebrity designers are making their collections available to the all brides through our boutique and online shop and the cost too is reasonable enough for a wedding dress.  You can often customize your designer pieces or even make a bespoke piece just for you!  Buy originals from reputable boutique stores where you can be ensured that it is an original designer piece.  This is one of the most important days of your life, you don’t need or want the stress of dealing with replicas that do not turn out or never show up in time.  Spend time looking online to decide what designers and pieces speak to you, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed when you come for your bridal appointment.


  1. Have fun

Most importantly enjoy the experience!  This is a wonderful time to share with those that love you most, so do that!  Make sure when you come to our boutique you have booked a time so that we can dedicate our time and experience so that you don’t have any rookie mistakes!


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